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Kyal Marsh Rocks!


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Kyal's Roles...

Well as we all know Kyal hasn't done much TV. He started doing commercials through a Shell commercial in January 2000. He did several other commercials and then a mini-series called Secret Life. He then landed the part in Neighbours in 2002. Kyal has also done modelling work in several high profile catalogues including K-mart, Target and Fossey's.

Kyal Marsh plays Boyd Holland


In 2002 Kyal was cast in the role of Boyd Hoyland in the long running Australian TV soap Neighbours. Kyal made his first appearance in June 2002. Initially Boyd was only a guest character but soon he was made permanent.

About Boyd

Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High.
Lives at: 32 Ramsay Street.
Related to: Son of Max Hoyland. Brother of Summer. Grandson of Rosie Hoyland. Nephew of Izzy.
Love interests: Heather, his first girlfriend and Sky Mangel.
Most notable moment: Crashing Toadie's car. Finding Steph unconscious. His dad walking in on him and Sky.