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Kyal Marsh Rocks!

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News, Gossip and Rumours

Kyal gets 'Loads of sex'
This was posted on in the forum (so we have no way of knowing if it is true, however I thought I would include it anyway). It was posted on Thursday the 22nd of July 2002. Here is what she said:
''ok i went to school with kyal before he dropped out.''  then comes a bit which isn't relevant to this site but then she reveals more info, ''hes very nice and all but its weird and shit that people are actual fans of him..... one time i couldnt get out of his house and i had to climb the wall and then a taxi driver caught me. we were playing drinking games and kyal was in his room with some chick. he gets lots of sex....''

Kyal Visits... somewhere!

I found this photo on the net, I think it was taken at a bar. It's a nice pic, so I thought I would show you!



It was Kyal Marsh's turn to be actor of the week for BBCI and answer some questions. However there has been alot of complaints about this. Apparently Kyal hardly answered any of the questions sent in and only answered them on the first day. I guess Kyal is very busy and (as pointed out) why does BBCi go through the pretence of having a different Actor of the Week every week?

Boyd and Sky
Boyd finally got it down with Sky just as Max walked in! Not good news for Boyd, yet brilliant for viewers as we got to see the luscious Kyal Marsh six-pack! After alot of controversy the BBC finally decided to show this scene on BBC1 on Tuesday the 13th of April. The BBC had originally considered cutting it as it only airs at 5:30pm on Britain's most watched channel. Luckily they decided to keep it! 

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!