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This interview was conducted by BBCI

Goddess of love: Do you prefer Sky with black or blonde hair?
Kyal: Really I'm into black, blonde, brunette, red hair or whatever but in the case of Sky I'd have to go for the blonde without a doubt!!!
Katie Taylor: How old are you?
Kyal: I will be 17 on the 16th of August 2004.
Ben: Did you work out to get into shape, or was it just surfing and your genes?
Kyal: G'day Ben I used to go to the Gym quite often but now I pretty much just surf and do my push-ups and sit-ups before bed.
Susanna: What was it like playing Boyd when he first started? You know when he was a dork?
Kyal: Hey Susanna, playing Boyd was tough for me in the beginning as I had never acted before. But the character Boyd has evolved and changed into me almost. The character has matured with me so playing Boyd is much easier and much more fun.
Kirsty: Which actors/actresses do you get on best with on the set of Neighbours?
Kyal: I probably get on best with the younger cast such as: Lara (Serena), Steph (Sky), Patrick (Conner), Marisa (Summer) but also Steven (Max), Carla (Steph).
Rob Thompson: What are Summer (Marisa) like and Izzy (Nat) like in real life?
Kyal: Most people assume Marisa to be as annoying and loudmouthed as her character Summer. Ok so she can be a loudmouth sometimes ha ha but if you ever meet her in real life you will find she is a 19 year old in a 13 year old's body. Extremely mature and funny. Izzy is a funny character, I'd say she is a little bit similar to Nat who plays her but Nat is a much nicer person in real life. Not half as bitchy he he.
Rebecca: Is it hard doing the kissing scenes?
Kyal: Kissing scenes are not as hard or embarrassing as you may think. As long as you both realise it's just part of your job and that it means nothing then it's a piece of cake. Although I have to say, my first on-screen kiss was very nerve racking - but it's easy now.
Nathalie dowdeswell: How did you get involved in acting?
Kyal: I had an agent who was getting me a bit of photographic work and then they asked me to audition for a role in Neighbours. I never even thought about acting before I was offered the job, it's just something I fell into - very lucky I guess!
Leona Scott: Was it your choice to get the dreads or did you have to get them done and why did you get them taken out?
Kyal: A storyline came up where Boyd does something extreme to his hair. The original idea was to die it black or completely shave and bleach it but we decided to go with temporary dreadlocks. They really freakin' hurt so I was lucky the storyline didn't last too long.


This interview was conducted by BBCI ( If anyone has any problem with it being on my site then please email me at

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